Marrakesh souks in Morocco Buying in the souks of Marrakech is synonymous with bargaining, as it happens in practically all of Morocco and in most Arab countries. When planning your trip to Marrakech, you have to assume that in a large part of the purchases you want to make you must bargain. And if you do not, assume that they will be charging you, at least twice as much as they expected to charge you. During your visit to Marrakech you have to bargain in a large part of the shops, but also with the taxi drivers or drivers of the carriages.

Zocos de Marrakech en MarruecosZocos de Marrakech en Marruecos

Marrakesh souks in Morocco Obviously, there is no bargaining in all places, such as restaurants or in certain types of establishments, but where you always have to bargain , always, always in the toilets . Although you do not like too much shopping , I assure you that in Marrakech you will spend many hours in the Zocos and, besides, you will not be able to stop falling into the temptation of buying a souvenir or some gifts.

How to bargain

Entrada a los zocos de Marrakech en Marruecos

To help you make these purchases, I am going to give you 6 useful tips for bargaining in the souks of Marrakech .  Entrance to the souks of Marrakech in Morocco 1.- It is essential that haggling does not bother you especially. If you go with your partner or with friends, it is convenient that you previously agree on who is the person who is going to bargain, that is, to negotiate the final price of a purchase. The one with the most “skill” and even “enjoyment” is the one who must face the inevitable negotiation process. 2.- In order to bargain , in the first place it is essential to have a perspective of what is the “market price” of the products you want to buy. And the only way to know it, is asking about prices in various places. Zocos de Marrakech en Marruecos

Marrakesh souks in Morocco Therefore, given that the souks of Marrakech have a large area and you will find many shops where you can buy what you want, what is recommended in your first visit to the souks is that you walk through the shops with no real intention of buying, but asking for prices. Yes, I know, in every store you ask you are going to ” give the beating ” trying to sell you something, but you have to be blunt and not enter into conversation: I remind you that you are doing only a ” market prospecting “. Zocos de Marrakech en Marruecos

Marrakesh souks in Morocco If you do not do it like that, and you bargain at the first store you find, you really can not get the right price, not only because you could buy a lot more expensive, but you can even disregard real bargains while waiting to find a bargain. better price … then it will not appear. 3.- To complete this ” market exploration “, once you know what is, more or less, the price that you are asked for a specific product, before trying to buy and start haggling , you have to consider what is what this product would cost you in your city of residence. In most cases there are no references, as they are handmade or typical Moroccan products, but it is essential to do this exercise not to be that, in the end, you can get to pay more to buy it in Marrakech …

Marrakesh souks in Morocco

Marrakesh souks in Morocco 4.- And, also, before putting to haggle , you have to anticipate which is the maximum price that you are willing to pay for a certain product. 5.- As a general rule, initially you will be asked for more than double the price that the seller is really willing to accept. And from here, the bargaining begins. T ú you have to offer, at most, the third part, and during the many times long negotiation you have to slowly approach the price that you are really willing to pay, which should not be more than half of what you were initially asked for.

Marrakesh souks in Morocco

Marrakesh souks in Morocco Finally, when you are already close to the price you are going to accept, think for a moment what is the amount in euros that will really cost you … because it will possibly be an amount for which it will not be worthwhile to continue “arguing”. 6.- Bargaining in the souks of Marrakech does not imply “squeezing” or taking advantage of the seller. It is a mixed process of negotiation and play, and you always have to do it with the best tone and respecting the seller. Moreover, you have to bargain with good humor, and in many cases, after a good negotiation, that is, after that “game”, the seller and you will end up really satisfied and shaking hands.