Autumn is an ideal month to travel just like summer. The landscapes are transformed and sometimes become completely different. We indicate you the best places to visit in Autumn.

People are convinced that summer is an ideal month for vacations. The heat, the beaches, the facilities to take days at work … suggest that it is the best season to take a break. But not everything is good weather and swims, there are other seasons of the year, like autumn, in which we can enjoy other privileges . The landscapes are completely transformed, the temperature tends to be smooth, the fruits begin to sprout … And it is that autumn brings with it a series of changes that, in certain places, suits them very well, moreover, I would dare to say that feel better than summer. In this post we reveal some of these sites. Locations that give their best in the fall and what to see in the months of September, October and November, yes or yes . And is that not everything in the holidays is sun and beach, there are other destinations that grow with the passage of time and, today we come to talk about them. The deciduous leaf, the trees are stripped, the fields change their color like the chameleons, the soil is stained brown leaves … I am not particularly a fan of summer, I prefer the fall and I think you will notice throughout of the text. Without further delay, we will take a walk through the best places to visit in the autumn


Source: Moyan Brenn The great attraction of Iceland in the autumn is undoubtedly the northern lights . The months of September – October and February – March are visible and are authentic past. The auroras borealis are solar mass ejections that impact on the Earth causing neon colors in the sky and that are only visible in the Nordic countries. Iceland surprises travelers with a wide range of reddish and autumnal colors that will soon be covered by snow and ice in winter. Temperatures in Iceland give a small truce in these months, although the cold is always present, so the trip is fully enjoyable if we have warm clothes. If you intend to travel to Iceland , do not forget to visit the great Geysir, which gave name to all the geysers of the world, Gullfoss, the Golden waterfall, the Viti crater, the Thingvellir national park and the magical Snaefellsnes peninsula.


Source: Anton Strogonoff Odessa is a Croatian town that reaches its peak in autumn. It is also a very accessible destination for all types of pockets and has more than 240 days a year with authentic sun, including autumn . So if you decide to visit its wonderful streets, remember to look at the architecture of the city , an unprecedented eclepticism that mixes Spanish, Russian, Czech and German influences. When you’re tired, do not forget to visit one of its legendary spas with cures based on black sea mud and salt. Odessa is a real joy for the five senses that you should not miss in the autumn.

Irati Forest

Places to visit in Autumn - Irati Forest

Source: Raúl A. The Irati forest , in Navarra, is the victim of a metamorphosis once the summer has passed. Their floors are stained with blood red that blends with the green of the trees and the moss that seems to devour them while their evergreen trees remain impassive before the spectacle of colors of which they are surrounded. When you get to the jungle, it will seem as if you had strained somewhere in a fantastic literature book where everything is possible . Irati is the second largest beech and abetal largest in the world and the truth is that it is excellently preserved to be fully enjoyed by all types of travelers. If you approach this jungle, do not forget to bring your camera, you can capture the unspoiled nature and that, in the times that we are, is very, very difficult.

Natural Park of Gorbeia

Places to visit in Autumn - Parque de Gobea

Source: Alfredo The north of Spain is the greenest area of ​​the entire peninsula. In Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and above all, the Basque Country, we can find extensive forests and natural parks that, if you do not know them, is sure to leave you speechless. They could be considered as the jewels of the Basque Country . At the arrival of autumn, these parks mutate and, like the chameleons, change color, from a bright green to an ocher red to the delight of our eyes . The natural park of Gorbeia is the largest in the Basque Country and is full of beech, oak, alder, ash, willow, and poplars among other trees. If you have not yet come up with any plan for autumn, and you want a trip to the north, pay attention to us and visit Gorbeia, you will not regret it.