Normally, the volunteer program (read about what to do as a social volunteer, here) covers stays in more than one hotel and a total period of six weeks (minimum) after six months (maximum). The six-week period is likely to cover only one shelter, always starting in Bergen with an introduction program to Bergen Hostel Montana .
Volunteering in the hostels of Norway? Let's first see where on Earth we are ...
Unless we want to finish our participation during the introductory program (hopefully not …) you will continue as a social volunteer of your first hostel: Bergen Hostel Montana. After a certain period of time (for example, 3-6 weeks) you will continue with the next shelter – and so on. It does not matter how long the total volunteer period is and how many hostels that have volunteered and always end up at Bergen Hostel Montana. Here we come to the conclusion of the program and the work where a summary is made of your experiences – good and bad (if any) – in order to further improve our program.

The hostels do not offer the guarantee of a single room, in each location. You can get a double room (another volunteer could be your roommate), but we will do everything possible to make your stay a pleasant one. Towels and sheets will be provided during your stay. Volunteers can also make use of the hostel facilities, such as the communal kitchen, TV room, washing machines and Internet. The facilities differ from one shelter to another. A weekly food allowance is provided for dinner. In general, volunteers cook in the common kitchen, as part of the program. Breakfast is included every day. Volunteer services do not give you too much free time, but you can count on having two free days a week (not necessarily on Saturdays and Sundays). An estimate of the weekly volunteer services is approximately 35 to 38 hours (approximate in a normal work week) depending on the activities. The number of hours of voluntary service work can vary both on a daily and weekly basis. In your leisure time we encourage you to explore the surroundings of the hostel and meet the hostel users. That is a good way to get to know Norway and make new friends who are an essential part of the program. 

Map of Norway with hostels participating in the social volunteering program

It is not included in the program

International air tickets or charges related to travel from home to destination (Bergen, Norway). (Travel insurance is required that includes repatriation in case of emergency or death of all volunteers) Travel and health insurance. Costs associated with vaccines and personal medications. Meals or foods outside the program. Expenses related to cultural heritage and / or tourist activities during free time. Personal expenses / articles for personal use. 

Who can be a volunteer?

You must be at least 18 years old and have no major health problems. He or she must have an open mind, be enthusiastic, outgoing and proactive …. program objectives / the idea of ​​Hostelling International . Due to the lack of facilities at the moment, unfortunately we are not able to take wheelchair users. Good English language skills are required! See if you need a visa to enter Norway.

How to apply for the volunteer program?

If you have any questions related to the social volunteer program, do not hesitate to ask for information by filling in the form.