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Continuing your education is an important part of developing your career skillset. Whether you’re trying to land a job or simply want to learn new skills for your professional development, taking a course is a great way to boost your resume and get the job you deserve.

A Leading Career Advancement Service in New York City

The team of seasoned professionals at career boost  is dedicated to unlocking their clients’ potential in the competitive landscape of the “city that never sleeps.” Their personalized approach and exceptional value have garnered acclaim from numerous happy customers.

Career Boost Bundle demystifies today’s hiring technologies and guides you through actionable strategies that work (and don’t waste your time). This bundle includes everything you need to be prepared for the job search: ATS-friendly, Fill-in-the-blank Modern Resume Templates (3 template styles with 10 color schemes) that will get past Applicant Tracking Systems; LinkedIn WORKS! – the self-paced video lessons will help you build a high-value network ready to refer you to “great fit” opportunities; and a Job Search Plan to keep you accountable and on track with your daily job hunt tasks.

If you’re interested in participating in Career Boost, you can start searching for jobs once your program approval is received on the Recruit Students portal. It’s your responsibility to continue to meet the eligibility requirements for the duration of your approved Career Boost period. This includes a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester and maintaining your CGPA and academic standing.

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