How a 10Gbps Dedicated Server Can Serve Your Business Needs

A 10Gbps dedicated server | can serve your business needs and allow you to transfer large chunks of data in a short period of time. Moreover, these servers are able to meet your HD streaming requirements with ease.

Are dedicated servers better than shared servers?

If your website is a high-traffic resource, then you need to get a server that offers fast speeds. Besides, you should choose one that is capable of meeting your business’s future needs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. You can also find affordable plans that offer unmetered bandwidth.

The best part is that these hosting providers are flexible and can be arranged according to your needs. The provider will also give you the option of choosing the type of hardware and software.

What’s more, they provide support to your server at all times, and they make sure that your data is secure and safe. They also offer a range of services, including dedicated IPs and a private network.

In addition to that, you can use these servers with a variety of CMSs and control panels. Hence, they are the ideal choice for businesses with demanding requirements.

You can also get these servers with a dedicated uplink to deliver a strong download and upload speed. They also provide a fair use policy that will help you avoid bandwidth theft.

The platform’s servers are powered by the latest generation of Intel Xeon E5-2695v4 processors, which have 18 cores and 36 threads. They also feature 128GB RAM and two (2) 960GB enterprise-grade SSDs.

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The Fastest Growing Fraud Prevention Company in 2021

SEON is the world’s fastest-growing fraud prevention company. The company provides a variety of fraud management solutions to help businesses of all sizes prevent fraudulent transactions. In 2021, the company announced a number of important company milestones and partnerships.

For example, the company has opened new offices in Austin and Jakarta. Additionally, it secured a number of high profile clients from the fintech industry. It has also secured notable clients from the emerging Web 3.0 space.

SEON has served more than 5,000 merchants and is working to ensure that online commerce is safe. The company offers a SaaS model that aligns with the modern buying habits of consumers. This has helped the company save customers over EUR50 million in fraudulent transactions.

In addition to its flagship solution, the company offers sophisticated fraud defenses to protect against credential stuffing attacks, account takeovers, and other threats. It has recently broadened its digital identity verification solution to offer end-to-end fraud prevention.

As the industry leader in digital fraud prevention, the company helps to increase revenue for payment service providers, digital businesses, and banks. Kount combines patented technology with AI to protect the customer journey. Moreover, the company’s software is designed to help payment service providers, online stores, and other digital merchants to prevent new account fraud, digital payments fraud, and account takeovers.

The company’s most recent partnerships include an enterprise-grade fraud detection app for Shopify and Lucinity. Another key client is T-Mobile.

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How Call Tracking Can Help Real Estate Businesses

call tracking

With the help of call tracking, you can optimize the performance of your campaigns and improve your ROI. With call tracking, you can easily route calls to live agents based on their listings and regions. Call tracking allows you to connect callers with the appropriate live agent for any situation, increasing your conversion rates and improving forecasting and budgeting. Call tracking also provides visibility into the ROI of your campaigns, allowing you to focus on those sources that really matter to your business.

Help You Generate More Revenue

Many real estate businesses rely on phone calls to generate leads. They find that calling potential clients helps them make a better decision than browsing websites. In addition, people who are looking for a house or a business premises are more likely to engage with a human than a computer. That’s why a real estate company would want to install call tracking software. This way, they can see which keywords and terms are generating the most leads and convert them into customers.

Call tracking software can also prevent missed opportunities and lost prospects. It sends real-time notifications of missed calls so that call agents can take action as soon as they become available. Call analytics reports help you see when your staff is working the most. This way, you can better organise your shifts. You can also make sure that every incoming call is attended to. So, call tracking can help you generate more revenue! If you are still undecided whether or not to invest in call tracking software, keep these tips in mind.

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Customer-Centric Enterprise Application Development

Specialized in offering enterprise mobile app development for a wide range of sectors like travel, banking, retail, health, education, real estate and many other start-up industries, XAM Consulting is one of the trusted names in mobile app development. The company offers cutting-edge technologies, the best available practices, and expert guidance to help companies develop meaningful mobile apps. XAM Consulting prides itself on using state-of-the-art development tools and innovative approaches to mobile apps development and mobile website development. Professional developers at XAM Consulting ensures that the app created by the company is not only functional and attractive but also manages to build a strong user experience.

Maximizing Enterprise Mobile App Development

Specializing in enterprise mobile app development helps businesses to streamline their business processes by helping them identify and overcome business problems such as lack of productivity, loss of revenue due to poor customer relations, increase in operational costs due to duplication and decrease in profits due to the decreasing number of customers. Developers at XAM Consulting help businesses to streamline business processes using a series of innovative mobile technologies and tools that help to reduce operational costs, increase employee engagement and provide an improved user experience. In order to ensure that your business processes remain streamlined, innovative and customer-centric, experts at XAM Consulting will conduct a thorough cost comparison along with an in-depth audit of your current practices.

The company offers mobile app development services for enterprise enterprises in the form of enterprise apps and enterprise mobile app development services. It helps to leverage the enterprise’s in-house apps and use mobile technologies and tools from the outside. XAM Consulting offers a gamut of innovative apps focusing on different areas like customer care, enterprise search, e-commerce, education and transportation. To increase customer engagement and enhance operational efficiency and enhance brand equity, expert development teams at XAM offer mobile apps that are user-centric and tailor made for enterprise needs. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, experts at XAM help organizations to reach new heights of success.

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