CBD Oil For Cats Review

Cbd oil for cats is a safe and natural supplement for pets. However, it can take some time to find the right product, dosage, and routine for your pet. It is recommended to start with a small dose and gradually increase as needed. If you notice that your cat is having negative side effects, such as gastrointestinal upset or some sedation, discontinue use and try again at a lower dose.

What is CBD used for?

CBD tinctures are easily administered by placing the dropper directly on your pet’s tongue or into their food. They can also be mixed into a favorite pet treat, or used as a spot treatment on the skin to alleviate pain and inflammation. It is important to make sure your pet’s cbd oil has been third-party tested and is free of THC and other contaminants.

This CBD hemp oil is THC-free and has a low concentration of cannabinoid (CBD) extract, making it safer for cats to consume. It only has three ingredients – CBD-rich hemp oil, MCT oil, and natural bacon flavor – and is recommended to be given to your cat on a full stomach for best absorption.

This tincture is THC-free and uses hemp from domestic farms to ensure the highest standards of quality. It is also third-party lab tested, so you can be confident that your pet is receiving a high-quality product.

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