Exercise Clothing For Ladies

exercise clothing for ladies

When it comes to exercise clothing for ladies, a bra that pinches your back or shorts that rub against the thighs can cause pain and discomfort during a workout. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to fit, breathability, fabric and tailoring when picking out your go-to gym gear.

In 1988, Good Housekeeping ran a story describing thirteen new workout ensembles for women. From a leotard to a unitard to tights and bike shorts, the pieces were available in everything from soft pastels to bold primaries and geometric patterns. Glitter, the “wet look,” stripes and polka dots were also fashionable choices that enhanced the “exercise glow” by optically segmenting the figure.

Fashionably Fit: Stylish Exercise Clothing for Ladies’ Active Lifestyle

As for leggings, try to opt for stretchable fabrics that won’t cling to the skin while you sweat. Brands like Nike and Lululemon make leggings in expandable materials that feel comfortable throughout an entire class, no matter how much you sweat.

Another good option is to look for pieces with built-in support, such as compression wear that compresses the skin while you’re exercising. It increases blood flow to and from your muscles, so they stay oxygenated and working efficiently. Compression pieces are also great for preventing chafing and rashes caused by friction while exercising.

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