Hire a Lectrician for Your Next Maintenance Project

Hire a Lectrician for Your Next Maintenance Project

“Hudson Electric – Southern Beaches”, Beaches – Electrical as they are called by their locals and customers, provides all of the services and solutions you need to make your dream of living in paradise a reality. Living by the sea side, near Curacao, is not a dream any more. The quality of life and friendly atmosphere has made living in the area a popular choice with tourists. “Hudson Electrical” is a well-organized, experienced and fully-qualified electrical team with a combined fifty-plus years of industry experience in the service of electricians from San Diego, California to the Northern Beaches of Curacao.


There are a large number of excellent electrical services from qualified and bonded electricians who are located throughout Curacao. When it comes to residential and commercial properties, the knowledgeable staff at “Hudson Electric” can assist you with all of your electrical issues. Whether you require new wiring, electrical work for an addition to your home or commercial buildings or even electrical maintenance for a variety of appliances and systems, Hudson Electric is your dependable and trustworthy contractor who provides all of your electrical services to your home and business. Not only do these highly trained electrical experts provide a large variety of electrical services from electrical repairs to installation and service, but they also offer a full range of emergency services and emergency wiring solutions.


If you live in Curacao and are having electrical issues of any kind whether it be a simple problem with a fuse or something more complex such as a surge protector or a tripped circuit breaker, call us first! Curacao is located on the eastern coast of Venezuela and is part of the Netherlands Antilles. Curacao’s Dutch influence lends it a pleasant and relaxing southern Caribbean flavor. In order to get to Curacao we recommend you use one of the many international flights available to the area. If you choose to hire a vehicle, drive north to Maracas, which is approximately 40 miles away, from Curacao city and take a bus into the island.

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