How a Temporary Workers Agency Works

The process of using a temporary workers is relatively simple for both candidates and clients. A candidate will submit a resume (possibly online) and then meet with a recruiter or staff member for a short interview – depending on the industry, unskilled temp jobs may only involve this meeting, while higher-paying roles require a more thorough screening phase that often includes background checks and drug testing.

The Benefits of Using a Temporary Workers Agency for Your Business

Once a candidate has been accepted into the temp agency’s workforce, they will be offered assignments by their recruiter that match their skill set and experience. Upon completing an assignment, the candidate will return to their recruiter to receive their next role. It is also common for temp agencies to provide training on-the-job for their candidates to ensure they are well-equipped for each new assignment, which can save HR teams time.

For companies, temporary staff can be a great way to cover for employees on leave or during busy periods. Alternatively, they can bring in specialist skills for projects that your team doesn’t have the capabilities to complete. A temp agency can also be a great way to test out new hires before offering them a full-time position – if you find that an employee is a good fit, it’s easy for the temp agency to convert them to a permanent contract.

Using a temporary worker agency will always cost your business money, but the exact figure will depend on the agency you choose, your requirements and what sort of roles they are able to fill for you. You should check that a temp agency is credible by making sure they follow procedural and regulatory standards, and are transparent about their fees for placing workers.

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