Snowy Mountain Horseback Riding

The Blue Mountains are probably the best place in NSW to begin your first horseback riding adventure. They provide a variety of different horse riding experiences for those of all ability levels. If you’ve never ridden here before, there is plenty of equipment to get you started and many courses that can help hone your skills. But first things first:

What exactly is a Blue Mountains horseback ride?

snowy mountains horseback riding

It’s basically steep climbing over large jumps that are strategically placed to test your riding skills. Because of the nature of the Blue Mountains, this sort of riding is done in the summer when the weather is cool and when the air is fresh. The terrain is extremely challenging, and only the most skilled rider should attempt this ride during these conditions. Because of the unforgiving nature of the Blue Mountains, only the most capable riders should try this sort of winterized horseback riding during the colder months. If you’re looking for a great beginner’s snowboarding or horseback riding adventure during the winter months, the Blue Mountains should be your first choice. The best time to try out this winter sport is between October and March.

snowy mountains horseback riding is a great way to get a feel for the unique riding experience that comes with high country riding in New South Wales. The Blue Mountains can provide an introduction to this sport and will also give you a good base of skills to build on. There are many different routes you can take to get to the Blue Mountains, and you should choose a suitable route that allows you to see a variety of the best parts of the High Country.

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