The Benefits of Extraction Cleaning

Extraction cleaning is the most effective way to remove soil from carpet, combining machine pressure, hot water and cleaning detergent. It’s the preferred method for most carpet manufacturers and is required by most commercial carpet warranties.

It’s also a great choice for heavily soiled and stained areas that are difficult to treat with low-moisture encapsulation techniques. While a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t exist when it comes to commercial carpet maintenance, keeping your facility’s carpets in top condition with the right schedule of extraction cleaning and low-moisture encapsulation can ensure the long life of your investment.

Exploring Extraction Cleaning: Keeping Your Kitchen Air Clean

Extraction can be performed using either a portable extractor that combines an electric pump and vacuum device with solution and waste water tanks into a movable unit or by a truck-mounted extractor that has considerably larger components and includes a means of heating the cleaning solution and water. In addition to the removal of soil, extraction also provides a rinsing action that, when done properly, will leave carpet fibres much cleaner than simply shampooing and vacuuming alone.

When shopping for a quality extraction machine, look for reviews that emphasize the strength and performance of the unit, particularly how well it handles heavy traffic or deep cleaning situations. The machine’s ease of operation and robust build should also be considered, as should its reliability over time and how well it holds up to regular use.

It’s also essential to keep your extraction unit in good working order by regularly having it deep cleaned. This eliminates grease buildup that can cause the unit to clog and create a fire hazard. It’s important to have this completed by a certified professional to reduce potential risk.

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