Tips on Traffic Safety in Singapore

Singapore is a country which, to many people’s surprise is not well known for its traffic congestion and hence has earned a lot of popularity as one of the safest cities in the world. To see more of Singapore’s traffic predicament, you can watch the amusing videos on YouTube. The traffic is so bad in view more – traffic safety singapore that you will feel like going to a traffic stopwatch just to count your car’s kilometers per hour (KPH). There is so much of traffic in Singapore that it is almost like driving in the United States of America.

Why need Traffic Safety in Singapore?

To watch more of Singapore’s traffic, you need to be very well versed with your surroundings. Some of the most important tips include watching out for the on-coming trucks because they might be backed up by a tractor trailer truck behind you. Or better yet, avoid crossing lanes that have very heavy traffic because there is a high risk of being stuck in between the two lanes. One of the worst mistakes in Singapore is to be late, even though it takes an average of 15 minutes to drive from one point to another.

Another way to avoid traffic is to rent a car if you can and to use public transportation. If you want to view more of Singapore’s traffic woes, do not get into any traffic jams. If you are going to watch a movie, then you should watch it in the morning, when the traffic is lesser. Or better yet, when the sun is just setting. Or better still, when you are not even going to bed!

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