Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting

Clermont-based Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting is a major project specialist in regional Queensland. This team of professionals has a unique background in the coal mining industry, having developed a strong track record in regional coal mining hubs. The firm has a long-standing reputation in the region, where it focuses on major projects, such as power stations and rail projects. However, it does not limit its services to urban development.

Succeed With Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting

Wall Planning  Environmental Consulting

Renee has over 20 years of experience in the planning and environmental consulting industry, and has brought that expertise to Central Queensland. She specializes in developing assessment solutions and providing permitting advice for a wide range of projects. The team’s expertise includes sustainable design, compliance management, and a range of environmental risk management services. They also offer a range of consultation and project management services, including land development, community planning, and green building.

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