What You Need to Know About a Solar Power Generator

solar power generator

A solar power generator pairs a big battery with solar panels, making it a great source of backup energy for camping and tailgating or doing DIY projects around the yard. It’s also a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel or gas generators.

The Lifespan of a Solar Generator

Solar panels can last for 25 to 30 years, which means you’ll be using free energy from the sun for that long. They’re also a lot easier to maintain than gas generators.

The Cost of a Solar Generator

A typical solar generator will cost about $250-$350 USD and comes with the batteries, cables, and other hardware. You’ll also want to consider the size of your home and how much electricity you use on a daily basis.

How Solar Generators Work and Their Advantages

The amount of solar panels you’ll need to generate enough electricity for your household is based on the rated power of your solar system. A typical 330-watt panel will produce about 7,200 watt-hours of power per day.

Typically, you’ll need about 5 panels to cover your average electricity needs. If you’re going to be generating power on an extremely large scale, you may want to consider a larger solar panel or multiple panels.

The intermittency of solar power generation has generally been a cause of concern due to its diurnal and seasonal fluctuations. Wide area aggregation of solar power is a promising solution for reducing this problem and balancing the electricity market.

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